MODEL: LS 2000
  The LS 2000 Technologyis fifth generation machinery that is capable of running a wide variety of materials
to produce various configurations of flexible air ducting core used in Flexduct and HVAC applications.
The LS-2000 Flexible Duct machine produces a continuous spiral duct in various diameters depending on the selected die.
This is accomplished by a laminating process involving two rolls of polyester-based films that are 1.750 inch wide and 1/2 mil
thick. The two films are passed over a coater drum that applies a water based pressure sensitive adhesive, and subsequently
the coated films are passed through an electrical drying oven to remove the water. The two films after passing through the
oven have a cured adhesive coating on one side. The two films are then feed into the designated die (4-18 inch diameter)
with one film being inverted so that the adhesive sides are in the correct position for laminating. In addition MB spring wire in
a various chosen diameter (.037-.062) is feed into the die at the same time the two films are being feed into the die. The die
enables the lamination of the MB spring wire between the two layers of film while creating a continuous helical spiral tube of
the diameter of the chosen die. This laminating process results in double and triple laminations illustrated by Fig: 1. The
process is referred to as a triple lamination. The dies are configured to have 1.25 inch wire spacing as shown in Fig: 1.
This process lends itself to being able to fabricate a range of wire reinforced tubing made out of different polyester based films
of various configurations. Typical film applications include aluminum metalized polyester film, clear polyester film, pigmented
polyester film, and aluminum foil with polyester backing.

The general application of this process is typical in the Flexible Duct industry in North America and has been widely
accepted as an industry standard for over 20 years with variations of films and film overlaps and wire spacing being selected
as personal preferences.

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